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Think Outside The Wrapper

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Introducing Energy Bar Dough

If we had it our way, we'd only eat homemade snacks.  

But let's be real. Life gets busy and it's time consuming, messy, and expensive to make your own healthy snacks every week.

So consider us the middleman. 

Unwrapp'd is to energy bars as cookie dough is to cookies. Everything you need to make your own energy bars served in a recyclable or reusable jar. Eat it raw or baked!

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No longer will we fall for stale, lifeless, individually wrapped bars. When you open a jar of Unwrapp'd, you get to choose the finished product.

Bars? Bites? Smoothies? The choices are limitless! 

Less Waste. Better Taste.

Say goodbye to wasteful wrappers. Our jars are recyclable/reusable. 

Sugar, artificial sweeteners, and "natural flavors" may be status quo ingredients for most nutrition bars, but food tastes better when it's 100% real. See how our ingredients go the extra mile so you can do the same.

Newsworthy Buzz

The "dough it yourself" revolution has begun. Checkout what people are saying about Unwrapp'd.

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"Whether you bake the dough into bars or bite-size morsels — or eat it right from the jar — it saves about seven wrappers from making its way into landfills, waterways or roadsides."


- Des Moines Register

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"So what’s the secret? How’d you make it taste so good? Even I’m a fan, and I don't like anything healthy."


- Lauren Monitz, Denver Westword

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"Our new go-to treat."



             - Denver Life Magazine                                              



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