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Think Outside the Wrapper

What’s up with the weird ingredients in processed energy bars? Make your own healthy ones at home without the hassle and mess of starting from scratch. 

  • Eat raw or baked

  • ZERO added sugar or artificial sweeteners

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Soy Free

  • Grain Free


World's Easiest Recipe (AKA How it Works)

  1. Buy your flavor of choice here.

  2. Open jar and press 3 energy bites together into shape of a bar.

  3. Enjoy your homemade energy bar baked, raw, or frozen.

Bonus step for the planet: recycle the jar (or reuse it as tupperware) when empty.

"Anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle should know about this product! I gave up sugar in January and have had an impossible time finding tasty treats that have absolutely no added sugar, honey, agave nectar, sugar alcohol..... this stuff is magic and I am so grateful that it exists!"

- Sophie M.

"So what’s the secret? How’d you make it taste so good? Even I’m a fan, and I don't like anything healthy."

- Lauren Monitz, food writer with Denver Westword

Better Taste with Less Waste

Enough with the wasteful wrappers. Our jars are recyclable/reusable. 

JJC_3564 (3) (2).jpg

"Whether you bake the dough into bars or bite-size morsels — or eat it right from the jar — it saves about seven wrappers from making its way into landfills, waterways or roadsides."

- Des Moines Register


"Great tasting and convenient to take a few on the go. Plus, love the idea behind not using individual foil packaging."

- Brian O., verified Amazon review

"Delicious and nutritious. I eat it as a pre-and-post workout snack"

- Becky D., winner of her Steamboat Springs Triathlon division



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