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Unwrapp’d Energy Bites are made with only fresh ingredients found in nature, so you can feel good about what you put in your body. No chemicals, artificial sweeteners or caffeine needed. Take the bites everywhere an energy boost is needed, recycle or reuse the jar when you’re done.

We pledge all our products to have these qualities:

  • ZERO added sugar or artificial sweeteners

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Soy Free

  • Grain Free

Life Is Hard. Your Energy bar Shouldn’t Be.

Fed up with hard, chalky energy bars? Us too. We craft our energy bites to be famously soft and chewy, so you can enjoy a cookie dough-like consistency in every jar.

"Anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle should know about this product! I gave up sugar in January and have had an impossible time finding tasty treats that have absolutely no added sugar, honey, agave nectar, sugar alcohol..... this stuff is magic and I am so grateful that it exists!"

- Sophie M.

"So what’s the secret? How’d you make it taste so good? Even I’m a fan, and I don't like anything healthy."

- Lauren Monitz, food writer with Denver Westword

Better Taste, Less Waste

Did you know you can’t recycle energy bar wrappers? Single-use packaging is the largest source of plastic pollution, so we’ve made all our products multi-serve and they come in 100% recyclable and reusable jars. 


"Whether you bake the dough into bars or bite-size morsels — or eat it right from the jar — it saves about seven wrappers from making its way into landfills, waterways or roadsides."

- Des Moines Register


"Great tasting and convenient to take a few on the go. Plus, love the idea behind not using individual foil packaging."

- Brian O., verified Amazon review

"Delicious and nutritious. I eat it as a pre-and-post workout snack"

- Becky D., winner of her Steamboat Springs Triathlon division



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