Our Story

Our Co-Founder, Tom Miner, used to eat just about every nutrition and protein bar under the sun. One day his bar habit caused his trash can to overflow with wrappers, and as he bent down to pick them up his eyes were drawn to an absurdly long list of foreign words on the back of one of them. But, as it turns out, the words weren't written in a foreign language. It was english, Tom had just never heard of things like "lecithin", "erythritol", "sucralose", and "maltodextrin."  


Ten minutes later, after taking his curiosity to Google, Tom's jaw was practically on the floor. How could companies put ingredients like these in products marketed as being nutritious? He was in disbelief. He felt conned. He thought he'd been in control of the food he ate, but the hidden ingredients on the wrapper said otherwise. Food companies were clearly the ones in control.


Refusing to be duped any longer, Tom started making his own bars at home. But something interesting kept happening: before the bars made it into the oven, Tom found himself eating the mixture straight out of the mixing bowl. He found the dough, in its infinite ways to eat, more fun than all those pre-packaged bars he consumed over the years.


And that's when the lightbulb went off. "Why isn't nutrition bar dough a thing?" he asked. By having everything you need to make your own bars, without having to deal with the mess and hassle of starting from scratch every time, it seemed possible to make homemade bars more accessible. 


And that's when Tom met Reed McIntyre. The two were roommates when they decided to launch Unwrapp'd. After several months of perfecting a few flavors, the guys decided to test them out at a farmers market in Denver, Colorado. After receiving approval from hundreds of people over the course of a summer, it was time to make it official.


But in order to truly practice what they preach, Tom and Reed needed a certified nutrition expert on board. Anyone can claim nutritional expertise but they wanted credentialed knowledge to head up the nutrition side of the company. And that's when Chief Nutritionist, Maria Capecelatro, came on board.


Fast forward to today and Unwrapp'd is still guided by the same core principle as day one: people should be in control of their food, not the other way around.


Our Team


Tom Miner, Founder

Favorite place visited so far: Santorini

Favorite professional sports team: San Francisco 49ers

Alma Mater: University of Iowa

Favorite animal: Sloth

Most likely to find me: Working in my home office, hiking, reading all the books, daydreaming, beating Unwrapp'd co-founder Reed in fantasy football.

Fun Fact: I'm one of eight kids, born and raised in Iowa but have also lived in: Greece, Washington, D.C., and now Denver.




reed pic.jpg

Reed McIntyre, co-founder & Design guru

Hometown: Indianola, IA

Alma Mater: Iowa State University & University of Denver

Favorite animal: Bald Eagle

Favorite professional sports team: Chicago Cubs

Most likely to find me: My day job as a mental health therapist, backpacking all over Colorado, watching Iowa State Basketball, doing yoga, or beating Tom in Mario Party.

Fun Fact: I LOVE Dave Matthews Band. I have been to the Gorge Amphitheater twice to see DMB and have been to a show of theirs every summer since 2010.






Maria Capecelatro, CNTP, Chief Nutritionist

Hometown: Denver! 

Alma Mater: Brown University & Nutrition Therapy Institute; graduating from NTI in June! 

Favorite animal: Otter

Favorite food: Paleo waffles

Most likely to find me: My day jobs (ABA therapy, tutoring), researching for Healthy Nest Nutrition, reading/writing for class, cooking or working out.

Fun Fact: I’ve climbed 12 14ers with my Dad, including Pikes Peak (just to get the pic for the website homepage, of course)