What's Hiding in Your Nutrition Bar?

This infographic was made by Unwrapp'd Chief Nutritionist, Maria Capecelatro (C.N.T.P). Click here to download it in PDF.

Our Story

Our mission at Unwrapp'd is to get people off of harmful nutrition bars and permanently change the industry.

Like millions of people around the country, we've become fed up with the deceit, lies, and misleading marketing of the food industry in recent years. And there is one category in particular that represents everything wrong with our food ecosystem: nutrition bars.  

From the bars promoting 20 grams of protein and 0 grams of sugar per serving to those that make slightly fewer pretenses about their ingredients, we can't believe what we are seeing. Sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, strange emulsifiers (what companies use to hold their bars together and keep oils from separating), and "natural flavors" are being pumped into bars to a sickening degree--both figuratively and literally. Nausea, gastrointestinal distress, brain fog, and inflammation are just some of the physical ailments these bars are known to cause. Some of the long term effects are even more severe.

We've set out to unmask products and ingredients for what they are. No more lengthy ingredient labels that require a chemistry degree to understand. No more candy bars posing as nutrition bars in disguise. No more companies and their products hiding behind a wrapper. We want everyone to feel empowered by food, not duped by it.

So, we've decided to completely rethink nutrition bars. We started by unwrapping them at the most basic level, which is simply a combination of ingredients. And if a nutrition bar is merely a combination of ingredients, why couldn't we just give people the ingredients to make their own? we asked. 

And with that question, the concept of nutrition bar dough was born. 

Check out the infographic above for a look under the wrapper of 3 different bars.

Our Manifesdough

We believe that finding healthy snacks shouldn't be a challenge. We believe that nobody should feel stuck buying products made with ingredients they've never heard of. We believe that companies shouldn't be able to get away with using harmful ingredients--and that they should be held accountable when they do. We believe in radical transparency between manufacturer and consumer. We believe we're all in this together and that we can reach new heights--as individuals, as communities, as a nation-- when we're properly fueled. And we believe this all starts with food.

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