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8 creative ways to reuse your empty Unwrapp’d jar

Unwrapped energy bites jars

Call us cray cray idealists, but we believe food packaging should be reused, not discarded and left to sit in a landfill.  

That’s why our jars, lids, and foil liners are not just fully recyclable, they’re also reusable. 

To make going green a little easier, we’ve gathered our favorite ways to reuse Unwrapp’d jars when you’re finished eating the energy bites inside of them:

Snack jar: store snacks like nuts, granola, berries, or apple slices in our 8 oz or 3 oz jars and take them with you on-the-go. Bonus: whatever you put into the jars won’t get crushed when you put them in your hiking pack, gym bag, or purse (you’re welcome). 

Coaster: lids from our 8 oz jars make the perfect coaster.  Now you can help protect the planet from single-use packaging waste while protecting your kitchen table, coffee table, and nightstand from liquid damage.

Change jar/piggy bank: watch your pennies, nickels, and dimes stack up (or quarters for you high rollers out there). Pro tip: the 3 oz jars are the perfect size to keep in your car with parking meter money.  

Flower pot: add a little soil and a few flower seeds to a jar, and boom, you’re a gardener. Display your Unwrapp’d flower pot in your home office or give it to a friend to brighten up their space.   

Leftovers: store your homemade salsa, hummus, or last slice of pizza in a jar. Is it just us, or is discovering leftover curry from Monday night more exciting than your birthday?

Pencil cup: our 8 oz jars are the perfect size to hold your pens, pencils, scissors, crayons, and paint brushes. We know this because we use empty jars for this very reason at Unwrapp’d HQ.

Hardware holder: our 3 oz jars are the perfect size to keep tacks, nails, screws, washers, or other small hardware in separate containers. Now, perhaps you can use your junk drawer for something else?

Mini travel kit: Use Unwrapp’d jars to store all of your hair ties, stretchy headbands, bobby pins, and clips when you’re heading to the gym or going away for the weekend.  

Do you have another reuse idea for Unwrapp’d jars? We’d love to hear about it!  Email us or tag us @unwrappd on Instagram or Facebook. 

Note: washing jars in a dishwasher on really high heat may cause them to warp.  We recommend using a normal wash cycle and energy-saver dry, or washing by hand. 

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