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Nutrition Bar Dough

No wrappers. No added sugar. No artificial sweeteners. No “natural flavors.” Make your own bars from home or enjoy straight from the jar by the spoonful.

Think Outside The Wrapper

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Unwrapp'd is the healthy, convenient snack delivering a fresh take on a stale industry. Guided by our belief that truly nutritious food doesn't need to hide behind misleading labels and individually wrapped packaging, we fuse transparency and simple ingredients to provide you a customizable and delicious product.

Gluten free? Paleo? No problem.

The Buzz

The "dough it yourself" revolution has begun. Checkout what people are saying about Unwrapp'd.

VegNews editors are currently snacking on @unwrappd Vanilla Almond Pecan nutrition bar dough. 🌱✨

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Less Waste + Better Taste 

Because we don't package individually wrapped bars, we're able to provide high quality products at an unparalleled price. And there are no wasteful wrappers to worry about either; our packaging is reusable/recyclable. 

Get to Know Us


We're two Iowa natives turned Colorado locals that share a passion for the power of healthy eating. After years of settling for the status quo protein and energy bars littering today's grocery stores, we became sick and tired (literally), so we began looking under the wrappers for answers. And what we found was alarming. Artificial sweeteners, added sugars, and ingredients that we couldn't pronounce were causing brain fog, fatigue, and nausea. Refusing to settle, we started Unwrapp'd to give people a transparent option in a product line that so desperately needs it.