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Athlete Testimonials

Read why these top athletes choose to fuel up with Unwrapp’d Energy Bites

Felipe Mora

"I focus mainly on Ironman distance triathlon racing and my number one concern is calories, I need a lot of them per hour and I really hadn’t found out food that would replenish what I need without upsetting my stomach…until I tried Unwrapp’d, it’s easy on my body, high in calories and tastes amazing, which isn’t normal in endurance food, it’s so good that I even eat it as a snack during the day. During racing and training I take it during the bike portion, about 2 bites an hour, mixed with my hydration formula it provides all I need for a very long day of 8-9 hours."

Jordan Broghammer

"By using Unwrapp’d, I have grown more confident in my nutrition plan while running ultramarathons. Also, I feel great about the fact the packaging is environmentally sustainable! What other company offers that?!"

Daniela Marques

"Unwrapp’d is the perfect source of energy that powers my long and intense training sessions."

Ellen Davis
Sports Dietitian

"Unwrapp’d Energy Bites are a great solution for me and my family as we are often on the go and needing energy from food to get us there."

Matt Shaw
Director of Sports Performance, University of Denver

"Unwrapp’d fits perfectly within the Pioneer Health and Performance Nutrition Station. The product allows our student-athletes immediate access to high quality nutrition and ingredients when they need them most – post training and on the run between classes."

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