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Why Energy Bites?

why energy bites?

A Fresh Take on Snacking

NASA scientists in the 1960s had a crazy idea: create space food with an extremely long shelf life, in case astronauts got stranded for years at a time. And the energy bar as we know it was born. True story.

Little had changed in 60 years, so we thought it time for a fresh take on this American staple. Unwrapp’d is the “energy bar in a jar.” Bite-sized pieces of plant-based energy bars in reusable and recyclable packaging.

While you could definitely still take a jar of our delicious, on-the-go bites with you to space, we find them best enjoyed here on Earth doing Earthly things like running, biking, or hiking. 

And sometimes you just need an energizing snack because you’re hangry. We’ve. Been. There.

Founded by a holistic nutritionist and an environmental consultant, the growing Unwrapp’d team of athletes, dreamers and doers focuses on one singular purpose: to simplify healthy eating and protect the planet from packaging waste.

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Good food doesn’t grow on trees. Oh wait, yes it does. We make great-tasting snack bites without any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. Every fresh ingredient in our energy bites is grown in nature, not a lab.

Food this real doesn’t need to hide behind a wrapper. Take a look for yourself.

Snack Wisely

Unpackaging Waste

When you buy a jar of Unwrapp’d, you remove 3 wrappers from the environment. See the impact this makes with our global partners here.

But let’s not stop there. Our jars are reusable, and over half of our customers find at-home reuses for them (hello homemade salsa!). And the jars you don’t reuse are fully recyclable in your household recycling program. 

In a nutshell: eat clean, go green.

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