Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough -- 10 oz. jar

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough -- 10 oz. jar


Remember when you couldn't wait for the cookies to bake as a kid and you just HAD to sample the dough despite your mom's warnings about raw eggs? Well we're not mom and we don't use eggs, so don't hold back. Decadent vanilla, cashews and dates meet crunchy cacao nibs in this classic combination.

Once you open a jar, you’ll never be able to return to that synthetic protein bar stash in your cupboards.

GREAT VALUE: One jar contains 7 energy bars worth of bites (that’s over 20 half-ounce bites!). Because we don’t package in single-use disposable wrappers, we get to pack our 100% recyclable jars to the MAX and pass along the savings to you.


  • dates

  • roasted cashews (cashews & coconut oil)

  • almonds

  • organic cacao nibs

  • flaxseed meal

  • water

  • vanilla extract

  • salt

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