think Outside the Wrapper

 You can download this in PDF  here .

You can download this in PDF here.

Many snack bars marketed as healthy are just candy bars in disguise

Everyone should feel empowered by food, not duped by it. That's why we've decided to completely rethink nutrition bars. We started by unwrapping them at the most basic level, which is simply a combination of ingredients. And if a nutrition bar is merely a combination of ingredients, why couldn't we just give people the ingredients to make their own? we asked. 

And with that question, the concept of nutrition bar dough was born. 

Our vision: no more candy bars posing as nutrition bars in disguise. No more lengthy ingredient labels that require a chemistry degree to understand. No more companies and their products hiding behind a (wasteful) wrapper.

We hope you explore our website and get to know us. If you're new to Unwrapp'd, we recommend taking a look at some of our blog posts, where we write about a range of nutrition topics. We're a small team with big goals, and we'd love to have you join us on this journey.


In The News

Check out our interview with Denver Westword if you want to hear why we refuse to be another bar company, what it's like to start a food company from your home, and what to look out for in the nutrition bar aisle. See the Q & A.

Nutrition Blogger Kelli Bliss Reviews Unwrapp'd

Product reviewer Kelli Bliss was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and has been slowly transitioning into a paleo lifestyle by eliminating gluten, soy, dairy, and more. These are her thoughts on Unwrapp'd. Read the review.


What They're Saying 

Nourishing our bodies is what it’s all about! Thank you Unwrapp’d for starting the revolution!!!
— Sophie (Denver, CO)
Anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle should know about this product! I gave up sugar in January and have had an impossible time finding tasty treats that have absolutely no added sugar, honey, agave nectar, sugar alcohol..... this stuff is magic and I am so grateful that it exists!
— Review on the Unwrapp'd Facebook Page
The Vanilla Almond Pecan Dough is my new favorite sweet (and healthy!) treat. I just spoon bites of perfectly balanced sweet, salty, and savory right out of the jar - it’s like heaven on earth!
— Michael (Broomfield, CO)
Love your product and new name change!
— Jeannene (Denver, CO)


We believe that finding healthy snacks shouldn't be a challenge.

We believe that nobody should feel stuck buying products made with ingredients they've never heard of.

We believe that companies shouldn't be able to get away with using harmful ingredients--and that they should be held accountable when they do.

We believe in radical transparency between manufacturer and consumer.

We believe we're all in this together and that we can reach new heights--as individuals, as communities, as a nation-- when we're properly fueled. And we believe this all starts with food.