Unwrapp’d Partners with Hy-Vee to Bring New Wave Natural Food Product to Iowa

Unwrapp’d nutrition bar dough hits shelves of a top Midwest grocery chain, Hy-Vee

Des Moines, IA - 6/13/2018 - Unwrapp’d, the premier nutrition bar dough, and HyVee introduce Iowa to a new wave natural food product. As the first of its kind, Unwrapp’d encourages consumers to think outside the wrapper and will host wellness workshops at select Hy-Vee locations this summer 2018.


“We are shaking up an over-saturated grocery segment by offering an alternative to the status quo energy and protein bar,” said co-founder and CEO Tom Miner. With over 240 Hy-Vee locations across eight states, startup founders and Iowa natives, Reed McIntyre and Miner secured the deal that will bring their Unwrapp’d food product back home.


After launching and operating the business from the Denver/Boulder area- also dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley of natural food’ - Miner and Reed are thrilled to bring a little bit of Colorado to Iowa.


“Everywhere you turn in Colorado you’ll find a new natural food product, but in Iowa the choices aren’t the same,” says Miner. “Getting Unwrapp’d into Hy-Vee stores gives our friends and family back in the Hawkeye State a healthier alternative to energy and protein bars filled with hidden ingredients and added sugar. We hope this product gives people the same freedom to think outside the wrapper as it has us.”


Unwrapp’d is currently available in grocery stores from Denver to Longmont, CO, and they’ve sold to online shoppers in over 20 states nationwide via their website and Amazon page. A regional lifestyle magazine recently featured Unwrapp’d as their “new go-to snack” and grocery shoppers like it for the following reasons:


●      Zero added sugar or artificial sweeteners

●      No hidden “natural flavors” or preservatives

●      Made with all-natural ingredients

●      Gluten Free

●      Vegan

●      Paleo

●      Can eat it raw or baked

To learn more about upcoming wellness workshops and in-store availability, please visit eatunwrapped.com.


About Unwrapp’d. Founded in 2017 in Denver, CO, Unwrapp’d is the inventor of nutrition bar dough:  It’s like edible cookie dough meets nutrition bar. You can eat it raw from the jar or bake into your own bars. And because the company does not pre-package bars in wasteful individual wrappers like everyone else, you get to reuse or recycle the jar. Learn more at www.eatunwrapped.com.